Recipes appetizers
If You planned for a very important event, then without snacks You can not do. Snacks is considered to be the dish that should Stoke the appetite. However, in everyday…

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Popular and not popular dishes in the world
The most popular and the most popular dishes in the world Food is different: delicious and tasty, beautifully decorated and ugly, fresh and stale. The most popular dish worldwide is…

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Kosher meat

Kosher meat

I warn you that my recipe absolutely no claim to authenticity! Just meat tzimmes I associate with sincere kindness old women of Odessa, which gave me and many others this wonderful dish in Odessa, not in the most fun period of my life.

The clinic Filatova, 2004, winter, soul stops waiting for 40 minutes my son in the operating room, he was doing cornea transplant. and I stand at the door and trembling aspen leaf. Fits very old woman, beckons to me and says: “Come daughter, I’m making meat kosher!” I think, “God, what a tsimmes?!” But, for some reason, go for it.

In the house of Babylon — Russians, Libyans, Ukrainians, Jews, and Orthodox priest. And the old aunt Dvoira made the meat kosher. Its aroma is not just drowns out the sickening smell of the hospital, and hovers over him, not mixing, flying into each nostril of this tortured pain and expectation Department. Gradually the scent attracts people and strike up a conversation. Many find out what is kosher and what it eats. One misguided lady asked this in the language of what is called namensliste this dish.

Aunt Dvoira was angry and said to the sea side by side live more than 100 nationalities and no one considers himself a minority. All languages, spoken aunt Dvoira, in Odessa mixed up. And nothing. Everybody understand perfectly. Anyway, Continue reading



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Simple recipes: meat dishes — recipes with step by step

It is unlikely there will be a lot of people who do not consume meat and products made from it. It’s vegetarian, Yes people with health problems. And it is historically justified, because our ancient ancestors ate what kind of food — that’s right, meat! Scored mammoth and all kodam it ate. Well, maybe some weed then eat steel. And really, you need the meat and the younger the body, and people in heavy labour employed. It is hard to imagine a porter, where grass feeding is possible without the piece of meat he is that will not.

In the post, for example, meat, and fish often don’t eat meals, but this time the believers replace their different useful additives designed temporary not meat consumption and replace the body to replenish proteins, fats and other unwanted ingredients. The rest of the meat dishes are the most revered in the world, second only fish Continue reading

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The most expensive dishes in the world
  Are you willing to pay for the pizza 10 thousand, and for the meat pie – $ 12? As lunch oligarchs, and what are their eating habits? Introducing all…

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Delicious quick salads
Delicious quick salads Among all kind of food is dominated by salads. They can be difficult to do on the holiday table or a simple food healthy foods for children.…