National English kitchen
Delicious recipes. English cuisine: the traditions, history, features, recipes The basis of the English national cuisine is simple and nutritious meals, and this is markedly different from the French gourmet.…

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Salad with rice
Salad with rice Usually a salad with rice is always cooked just 2-3 extra ingredients, salt to taste and mayonnaise. You can prepare simple salads almost every day. But there…

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The most expensive dishes

How much is the world’s most expensive sandwich? Is there caviar sold more black, and for how much you can sell a tea bag? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this material.

Let’s start with drinks. Tea connoisseurs will likely be interested to know that the most expensive tea in the world, called da Hong PAO means “Big red robe”, is made from the leaves of all the six tea bushes growing in the vicinity of the monastery of Fenghuang, in China. Every year from the bushes that are older than 350 years, going no more than 500 grams of tea. The maximum value of this product reached 685 thousand dollars per kilogram, and in 2005, 20 grams of this tea was sold at a special auction in China for 25 thousand dollars.

The most expensive coffee is produced in Indonesia called “Kopi Luwak”. This variety is unique in that it is made from coffee beans, namerevalsya in the stomach of a small animal, called in Indonesian “Luwak”. Pounds of coffee, held a special preview of “handling” costs from 300 to 400 dollars, which is much “cheaper” the Continue reading

The most expensive dishes in the world


Are you willing to pay for the pizza 10 thousand, and for the meat pie – $ 12? As lunch oligarchs, and what are their eating habits? Introducing all readers and “Think like a copywriter” a selection of the most expensive meals of the world, the composition and the ingredients of which are admirable, and the prices are shocking. Want to learn how to eat the most rich people of the world and adopt one of the recipes? Then this selection is especially for you!

Where it is possible to try . USA, new York, “Norma’s.”

At first glance, what could be special about the omelet? But, the chef of new York restaurant “Norma’s” don’t think so! His omelet for$ 1000, in addition to the classic eggs, includes: chives, cream, lobster meat and about 300 grams of caviar sevrjugoj. According to the administration of the restaurant the price stated on the menu, not much surpasses the cost of meals. By and large, an omelet “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata” is designed to impress visitors, so the menu also offers a budget option,$ 100, so to speak, just for food. However, in this omelette, the number of eggs is reduced several times.

Where it is possible to try . USA, Las Vegas, “Fleur”

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Pasta with minced meat and mushrooms

The zucchini in the oven, stuffed

Meat by-tradesmen in the oven in foil

Chops in the oven chicken — 4 recipe

Meatballs and gravy in the oven

The fat in onion skins and in foil — 2 recipes

Delicious patties of ground beef

Rice with braised veal heart

Homemade dumplings (minced chicken, the batter on the soda)

Simple recipes: meat dishes — recipes with step by step

It is unlikely there will be a lot of people who do not consume meat and products made from it. It’s vegetarian, Yes people with health problems. And it is historically justified, because our ancient ancestors ate what kind of food — that’s right, meat! Scored mammoth and all kodam it ate. Well, maybe some weed then eat steel. And really, you need the meat and the younger the body, and people in heavy labour employed. It is hard to imagine a porter, where grass feeding is possible without the piece of meat he is that will not.

In the post, for example, meat, and fish often don’t eat meals, but this time the believers replace their different useful additives designed temporary not meat consumption and replace the body to replenish proteins, fats and other unwanted ingredients. The rest of the meat dishes are the most revered in the world, second only fish Continue reading

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