Beer snacks
Snacks to beer: unusual and delicious Beer has been around for years, about 7000 years. It was brewed in ancient Babylon, and gave to him a variety of snacks. In…

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Pickled onions
Recipes from Demofest Pickled onions – quick, inexpensive, and most importantly, always a win-win snack at any table. This simple dish from ordinary vegetable will give a special style hearty…

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Holiday salad recipes

Salad recipes for the holiday table

Salads are considered to be one of the most popular and very delicious dishes in any kitchen because they are easy to prepare. In the Arsenal of every housewife there’s always a few tasty recipes that she loves and knows how to cook. Salads and most have universal application – they can be casual, and they can decorate a festive table for any occasion. Salads – a real storehouse of vitamins and useful substances. They are indispensable in the diets. Vitamin favor of salads, we particularly feel in the winter: when the window winter’s chill, so nice on his Desk to have a little piece of a bygone summer!

The benefits of salads and says the opinion of the specialists-nutritionists. They believe that if a person actively uses in your diet salads, the meals healthy and balanced.

Why is it so important the art of making salads in our time? Man has long sought to abandon unhealthy lifestyle and switch to a healthy diet. People carefully monitor the quality of the products and their compatibility. Some of us try very hard to adhere to weight regulations and to count calories. Any vegetable salad – low calorie food. That’s why we try to use salad whenever possible – in the daily menu or at the holiday table. All this in order to balance heavy and light food and not to overload the stomach.

Still need to remember what aesthetic look to any salad will add finely chopped vegetables. If the ingredients are cut into large chunks, the salad will lose both in appearance and in taste. It is poorly saturated. In a salad add a variety of spices – it is important not to overdo it. If in a salad with too many spices – main components would be lost. Their taste will clogged with the scent of spices and the dish will turn out delicious.

Indispensable in the diet of any person considered to be vegetables. This is a real storehouse of vitamins and useful substances. Every one of us consume the vegetables in boiled or raw form, it is very useful and tasty. We most often use them in a salad, but can serve as a side dish. A storehouse of vitamin A is carrots. Vitamin C is found in cabbage and lemon.

More than a convenient menu salad? It can be created literally out of thin air – ie, the minimum set of products. So feel free to choose the recipe and read. In addition, each recipe in this section has not only of the final result, but also step-by-step of the cooking process. Show your creative ingenuity and you will see amazing result, which will immediately mark all of your relatives and friends.

Popular and not popular dishes in the world
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Salads with mayonnaise
Salads with mayonnaise Few people do not like salads with a wonderful sauce — mayonnaise. Most useful the mayonnaise, which you have prepared for yourself, at home — read my…