Holiday salad recipes
Salad recipes for the holiday table Salads are considered to be one of the most popular and very delicious dishes in any kitchen because they are easy to prepare. In…

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Recipes quick salads

Quick salads from under the knife

Recipes quick salads often refer to the fact that they just cut out of scrap ingredients and dressed with sauce or dressing served on the table immediately after cooking. The ingredients in these salads are just mixed together and dressed with sour cream, yogurt, mayonnaise or olive oil.

Most of the recipes salads fast food includes salads, vegetables, as they can be cut very simply and quickly, to fill any dressing and serve.

If such recipes to add a meat ingredient that will have a dish that can safely be served as a main or as a warm salad.

Turns out very tasty salad with warm beef. For this salad does not need to adhere to some of the proportions and specific algorithm of cooking. Veal or boiled until fully cooked, or roasted on the grill right before the cooking. As additional ingredients are vegetables and herbs – tomatoes and cucumbers, cabbage, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, arugula, Basil. This salad dressed with either olive oil with pressed garlic in it and salt, or a special spicy-sour dressing that you can cook yourself or buy in the store. Soy sauce is also perfect for this salad. On top of the dish, you can sprinkle sesame seeds or croutons of white bread. Served the salad with warm veal with any side dish or as a main dish – ideal for dinner or a romantic evening.

Salad “Female Caprice”

So as in the role of Housewives are most often women, like this salad very fair was named in honor of their the authors. Preparing it is quite fast and does not require some gourmet ingredients, and all you can find in the fridge. This is a chicken or a simple fillet, or Peking cabbage, Apple, carrot, tomato, cheese, garlic, mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste, eggs on request.

Preparing the salad in any order – the meat is boiled and torn into fibers – in this form the salad turns out very soft and tender. All other ingredients are cut in small pieces, and rubs hard cheese on a grater. Salad is laid out in random order on the lettuce leaves and seasoned with various herbs (by the way, greens are very useful for the female body). At least the salad is laid out grated cheese, all topped with mayonnaise and sprinkle desired spices – dried Basil, oregano, and nutmeg. In this salad, the main thing is his serve and how he will look, so making meals is very important. that’s why salads like ideally to pick up from to have an idea how to make them.