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The most delicious national dishes

The most delicious dishes of national Russian regions

Every people of our multinational country has its own cuisine and their own ideas about what should be correct and healthy food. Each kitchen has its own delicious, however, next we will talk about the most delicious national dishes from different regions of Russia.

Republic Of Kalmykia – The Cure

The legend says that this dish was invented by the poor shepherds, who were not averse to eat lamb.

The meat they put out without any utensils directly in the steppe, poking him in the stomach, where it is prepared in its own juice.

Republic Of Udmurtia – Perepechi

One of the oldest and most famous dishes of the Udmurt cuisine is an open tart with a diameter of from 4 to 12 cm with different fillings (meat, mushroom, vegetable), filled the top with egg or egg mixed with milk.

Prepare baked foods over an open fire made of unleavened dough of rye flour. Served hot.

Republic Of Bashkortostan – Gubadiya

This multi-layered pie, usually served for various celebrations. The filling includes ricotta, crumbly boiled rice, minced onion, raisins, eggs, prunes and dried apricots. The dough can either be fresh, or yeast, as long as there was a lot of oil.

Guobadia has several varieties, for example, meat is served as second course, cottage cheese and fruit is dessert.

The Republic of Mordovia – Bear’s paw

According to the legend, one guy was not allowed to marry his girlfriend until, until he kills a bear and becomes a real man. After killing the bear, the bridegroom has prepared for his beloved of his paw.

Now this dish is made from pork, beef or liver. Make the forcemeat, to which add the eggs, onions and spices. The stuffing is divided into parts, giving them the shape of the feet, decorating it with rye crackers (bear claws), and fry.

Sakhalin region – Salad from the stems of burdock-Sakhalinsk

Green sprouts burdock soaked overnight in cold water, then boil 20 minutes in salted water, remove from stems, peel, cut into small pieces and throw in boiling vegetable oil to compression.

Then add salt, pepper, pour soy sauce, sprinkle with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin, add crushed garlic and onions, then stew until tender.

Republic Of Buryatia – Boozy

Boozy believe our version of Chinese food baozi, which only put the meat filling with herbs. The dish looks like and manta rays. Boozy steamed in a special steamer, filling in most cases consists of minced meat and onions.

This dish eaten with the fingers, and formed while cooking the broth should drink not through the top hole, and through nadcp, at the bottom.

Astrakhan region – Zhareha perch

One kilogram pike-perch fillet marinated in mayonnaise with salt and pepper and send to several hours in the refrigerator.

Then the fish is fried in a pan, before dipping it in the batter,

Kaliningrad region – königsberger klopse

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