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Delicious quick salads

Delicious quick salads

Among all kind of food is dominated by salads. They can be difficult to do on the holiday table or a simple food healthy foods for children.

But today, bloge quick salads. Those that do not require the expenditure of time and money. I tried to find recipes for seasonal produce.

So, let’s begin.

Salad from a green radish

You will need:

green radish – one tuber,

onion – couple onions,

chicken eggs – one egg,

ham (or bacon, sausage) – 50 grams

Apple – one,

vegetable oil,



Cook hard-boiled egg. Cool. To clear, cut cubes.

Radish RUB on to small grater. The juice that escaped in the process, you need to press.

Onion turnip peel and chop polukoltsami. The pan to the heat, add the onion and fry it in vegetable oil. It should become a little Golden. Cool.

Cut the ham into cubes.

The Apple cut into sticks.

All of the ingredients except the fried onions, mix well. Then the salad just mayonnaise. Sprinkle fried onion salad. No more jumble!

By the way, today we have just the invasion of salads. Wandering around the Internet, I came across many recipes for salads for a quick hand on Queen-Time.EN . In this women’s websitee also articles about women and their problems. Children, health, fashion and, of course, delicious recipes for wonderful dishes for your table. Including salad recipes.

And I invite you to the next recipe

Salad with canned tuna

You will need:

Tuna in juice – one canning jar,

bananas – two fruits,

the rice – to taste

tomatoes – a couple of pieces.

mayonnaise – 150 grams

mustard dining room – a couple of tablespoons,

lemon – juice from half lemon.


Fish separate from the bones with a fork. Then mash the pulp.

Boil and then cool down the rice. Cooked rice can take just a couple of spoons, a Cup. It depends on your taste and what you want to cook salad – hearty or not.

Banana peel, cut into small cubes.

Scald the tomatoes with boiling water. As a result of this manipulation the skin with tomatoes practically removed itself Chop the tomatoes without peel diced.

We now proceed to the sauce. To do this, mix all the ingredients – mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice. Season the salad sauce.

Chinese salad

You will need:

Chicken eggs – five pieces,

cheese – 200 grams,

smoked sausage – 200 grams,

carrots – two medium pieces,

garlic – three cloves,

walnuts – a handful,



This salad is surprisingly easy to prepare.

Cook hard-boiled eggs. Take out the two egg yolks. All the remaining eggs cut into cubes.

Carrots to clean and RUB in a small grater.

The potato salad and seaweed

You will need:

Potatoes – 500 grams,

sea cabbage – 200 grams,

onion – a couple of pieces,

chicken eggs – four pieces,