The most disgusting food in the world
  1. snake blood and bile in Central Jakarta, people cut off a snake head, blood dripping into a glass container, there is bile all this shaken - and drink…

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The most delicious pasties
This is a special, delicious pie from the Crimean Tatars. But somehow someone pasties make delicious, juicy, tender and crispy, and the other is a stale, dry cakes special shape…

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Cold and hot snacks for the New year



1. Dissolve gelatin in the cool water. Take a fillet of smoked trout, cut into pieces, combine with lemon juice and 60 ml of cream. In a blender or mixer. Separately whisk 200 grams of cream.

2. Add the gelatin and mix with cream, pepper and salt. Get a delicious pate that can be spread on bread.

Hot snacks for the New Year: shrimp with coconut

Unusual dish with coconut flakes is done as follows:

1. Pounds of shrimp needs to be cleaned, remove the vein and rinse in cold water. Then to dry a bit on a towel (paper towel).

2. Mix together half a Cup of flour, the same quantity of starch, a tablespoon of salt and half a tablespoon of white pepper. In the mixture pour 2 tablespoons of any vegetable oil and cold water. Mix.

3. The shavings of coconut to put in a small pan, shrimp to dip into prepared batter, then in coconut, then put them in another pan with hot sunflower butter and fry until Golden brown.

4. Bake in preheated oven for five to seven minutes.

5. To prepare the sauce: mix the mustard, honey, spicy ketchup in a small Cup, mix and serve the finished shrimp with the sauce.

Beautiful snacks for the New Year: salad with herring and apples

For preparation of this snacks it is recommended to use the weak herring salting without any additional flavorings. Ingredients: herring -1 PC. 2-4 pieces of sour apples, onions – 2 PCs. pickled cucumbers – 2 PCs. sunflower oil – 3 tablespoons, pepper and salt to taste.


1. Coarsely cut into rings and half rings onion. Cucumbers be divided into 2 halves, and each of them in turn, still in half.

2. Herring cut in any way. Onions to marinate for about 15-20 minutes, the Bay with cucumber brine, and then allowed to drain.

3. Apples, peel and seeds, slice thinly. To apples not darkened is best to add lemon juice.

4. Mix all the prepared ingredients and pour in vegetable oil. The dish is ready and looks very nice.

Meats for the New Year. Roll with tomato and mushrooms

Ingredients for meatloaf: beef or pork – 1 kg, dried mushrooms: white or Babki – 50 g, onions – 1 head, vegetable oil, tomatoes – 50 g, cheese – 80-100 g, garlic – 1 clove, ground pepper, salt.

How to prepare rolls:

1. Meat should be well washed and then dry with paper towels. Incise along the piece of meat approximately half of the total thickness. Make a couple of cuts across. Meat collapse in the form of a book, cover with the cling film and carefully beat them with a hammer, then add salt and pepper and RUB them a piece.

2. Dried mushrooms place in a warm boiled water for 20-30 minutes. Onion cut into half rings, crush the garlic in any way, grate the cheese.

3. Onions and mushrooms are lightly fried, add salt, pepper and allow to cool.

4. Mix with mushrooms and onions remaining ingredients (except meat) and put inside the meat of the piece. For the filling not to fall out of the meat, bind with thread.

5. Heat oil in a pan, put loaf on it and broil it until fully cooked.

6. Fried rolls put in the oven, cover with foil for 1-1. 5 hours. Before the end of baking, remove foil and even a little hold in the oven.

7. Slice the roll into slices, and chopped to pieces falling down filling, keep the pieces close to each other.

Recipes appetizers
If You planned for a very important event, then without snacks You can not do. Snacks is considered to be the dish that should Stoke the appetite. However, in everyday…

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The most dangerous food world
  Visiting different countries and continents, every one of us wants to taste various dishes of national cuisine. However, we should not forget that these dishes may not like your…