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Quick and delicious cabbage salad

Cooking together

Quick and delicious salads always have a demand!

On any table… any time of the year…

Of any product can “create” a quick and delicious salads!

Here is another dressing and healthy salad for a quick hand from our colleagues Serezha!

Recipe from Seryozha

The feature of the dish lies in its fast preparation and good legkousvoyaemogo, this salad is not only possible to eat and also to eat!

Of course the students…

And their parents…

Our cabbage salad…

Enjoy won’t you?

And all fans

Healthy vegetables

In Bistriata

Learn the recipe from… ?


— First the girls have organised a competition, then on Twitter we are told about the benefits of these products for men!

— Continue in the same spirit, a choir sang in one note!

— And most importantly my desire — though over time tugovato…

So that’s…

The guys introduce students to fellow students — they make a salad snack, and suddenly girls understand that guys-it is gorgeous…

However, the author did not disclose the essence of popularity, apparently changing the color of the skin and even small favorable changes occur in outgoing veramono…

(- and I want to put a smiley face. Yes in a word it is not provided, and therefore closer to the point — to snack…)

I tell you — urgently prepare a consort salad — and so during the month: lunch — Breakfast and dinner

— if on the 30th day he suddenly begins to swear, then don’t worry — he’s probably so adorable!

The moral of this story is — if you trust Twitter, we always follow in moderation!

And no monotony in food, unless you specialize in it!

Coming to the recipe to prepare which is as easy as and fast! — remember that we make and proceed to the cabbage.

And for this we need shinkuem its shape and, if time is short, and can be more bigger!

The cabbage lightly with salt flung through the air and knead — let him give us the juice and acquire all the desired properties, including the juice, and the softness and the taste is basic.

Then you can skip using a cheese grater or modern repertory carrots …

— cut himself with a knife.

Why so? — Firstly, I like this option, and secondly, for example, the student does not always have on hand grater! — and because the appropriate tool.

Carrots also salt flung through the air and doing her warm up exercises — a bit crushing it on the video everything is shown!

Fans of Luke can take the crown, if desired, and more… cut into thin rings, then cut them in half and…

I was about to say, sho is where the fun begins!

… but first it must be even and tomato … or even two to cut into slices.

And of course a clove or 2 of garlic (if salad evening, if do in the morning, the garlic and onions of course it is better to leave until the evening!)

Here’s the interesting part — put the ingredients all decorate!

To start the carrots laid in the middle of the plate, on the sides of the cabbage, through the distance cut into slices tomatoes and in the middle put a branch of parsley, and sides.

Now pour the desire vegetable oil and can be served on the table!

Serge has posted a video on youtube — you can see all the details first hand, as he prepares this salad!

Maybe “Siberian food for students and their parents and not only…” you have to taste!

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