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Easy and quick recipe


Once I got into an awkward situation. The husband invited guests and forgot to tell me about it…

Guests at the door, and you’re on a diet… What to do? There have been such cases.

The task really hard: you need to quickly cook something delicious, healthy and pretty, so as not to lose face in front of husband or in front of guests. I got out here with this dish!

Appetizer “Holiday” cottage cheese and tomatoes with herbs.

I got two plates, it was very satisfying and everyone was happy!

I suggest you to try this unusual for a Russian dish. It is done “in haste”. Believe me that will make guests full and satisfied! Be sure to ask the recipe, you’ll see…

Appetizer of tomatoes and cheese?

Tomatoes are 94 percent water, which is beneficial for the condition of our skin, nourishing every cell.

In tomatoes, a fairly large number of vitamins of group B. This will ensure you and your guests in a good mood.

Lycopene – the substance which gives red color to tomatoes, reduces the risk of prostate cancer and colorectal polyps.

Cottage cheese is rich in protein which is easily digested. The high content of calcium in the cheese will make your bones and teeth strong and healthy.

Cottage cheese is indispensable for meals losing weight person, due to its low calorie content. For effective weight loss tips to eat low fat cottage cheese. It has all the nutrients of regular cheese. It is rich in protein, but contains much less fat.

Fresh greens is a miracle for our intestines. It not only cleans it but also promotes the synthesis of vitamins in our body.

How to quickly prepare delicious and healthy snacks?

Thoroughly wash the tomatoes and cut them in half. I cut the tomatoes crosswise, then they stand steadily on the plate.

Add the cheese, finely chopped herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese can roll into balls, then flatten them and place on top of tomatoes. Sometimes I just dollop on top, spread on tomatoes and cottage cheese. Also very nice turns.

On demand we can decorate the dish with greenery.

Ripe tomatoes, small size, half of the tomatoes fit in mouth — 200 grams;

Low-fat cottage cheese — 200 grams;

The fresh or dried herbs (Basil, dill, parsley) 5 tablespoons;

Salt and pepper to taste;

The energy value of snacks from cottage cheese and tomatoes per 100 grams:

Fat — 2.3 g. Carbohydrates — 3.3 g. Protein was 6.69 g – Calorie- 61 Kcal.

How to choose natural and healthy cottage cheese in the store?

You sold the cottage cheese in a plastic bag?

Better put it in a container that he breathed. Next to the cheese in the container put a piece of refined sugar, it will absorb excess moisture.

Don’t worry! Green tomatoes can be put in a plastic bag with a banana or an Apple. Fruit produces harmless gas ethylene, which speeds up the ripening of tomatoes.

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