The most expensive food in the world
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Salad recipes
Of course, we are exceptionally hospitable and welcoming hosts. But the situation when expensive unexpected guests suddenly appear at your doorstep, quite unpleasant. My opinion is that salad is a…

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Salad Brush for weight loss

Salad Brush is an effective way to lose weight after feasts. We all know that extra pounds to lose is very difficult. The body refuses to give precious supplies to last. Then it’s time to try an effective and tasty salad “Brush” (or salad “Whisk”). The secret of its operation is contained in simple components. It’s all available raw vegetables: cabbage, beets and carrots . Other additional products only improve the properties of lettuce with cabbage and carrots .

Overall, the dish refers to low-calorie salads. The effect of “panicle” is associated with increased intestinal peristalsis, and this helps to accelerate the excretion of zaslujennogo the body of toxins and cholesterol. The use of “brushes for weight loss” helps in faster weight loss .

Salad recipe with cabbage and carrots

All the vegetables should be raw. Cabbage should be finely chop, carrots and beets grate on a coarse grater. Add to the vegetables a few teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. It is needed that the acid contained in lemon can accelerate the burning of calories. Season salad “Whisk” is a small amount of olive oil. But if You add some fresh herbs, you will get much more vitamins. The slimming effect will be stronger if You brew ginger for weight loss .

How to eat the salad “Brush”

In order to obtain good results, it is useful to apply the “brush weight” in the form of a fasting diet for one day . The result is fantastic: during the fasting day goes 1 to 1.5 kg.

In addition, the cleansing effect lasts for a few days, there are still a couple of days You will gradually lose weight, because cabbage and carrots cleanse the intestines it is Possible to arrange such fasting days one through three.

Overall, the cabbage and carrots are easy to prepare and accessible to everyone. Therefore, once You want to become better, more beautiful and slimmer, such basic recipes as “salad Brush” will help to quickly achieve the goal. Well, if you just suddenly wanted something useful and tasty, prepare fruit salad or low-calorie biscuits. and enjoy the weight loss. Very healthy and will make Your day Extra vitamin pills Befungin with extracts of propolis and St. John’s wort. Pills daily consumption of course helps to fill in the body many vitamins and minerals. This is especially useful for people living in big and polluted cities.

Every day to eat a lot of salad with cabbage and beets cannot. It threatens the gastrointestinal tract and diarrhea. Also, fasting days with salad “whisk” is contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes and urolithiasis.

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