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Exotic cuisines of the world (Philippines)


In the modern gastronomic world leading position occupied by the French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese cuisine. Fans of exotic dishes prefer Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Korean cuisine. But there is one Asian country, where Europeans can find for yourself the “normal” dishes. This Asian cuisine with European influences, is the cuisine of the Philippines.

Gourmets will catch in the national dishes of the Philippines notes Spanish, Malay, Chinese, Indian cuisines. On the formation of the Filipino cuisine was influenced by several factors — geographical location, historical events of the country (the Philippines were a colony of Spain and America). The Philippines are located on more than 7 thousand Islands, forming an archipelago. Therefore, the indigenous people know, know and love to fish, and skillful Housewives and chefs cook from her delicious fish dishes “Bangus”, “sinigang” (fruit flavored broth with clams or shrimp), fish balls with vinegar. It should be noted that vinegar is one of my favorite types of refueling in the Philippines. It is used in soups, and in salads, and marinated. Also popular in the Philippines coconut milk.

But the main traditional dish in the Philippine cuisine is rice. This kind of cereals used in the first dishes, and second, and even as an ingredient in desserts. One from the traditional traits of the people of the Philippine Islands, they almost never use the knife in their meals, for they accustomed to chopsticks, spoons and forks.

Due to the fact that the Philippines is a Christian country, in her kitchen present meat. All the national holidays of the country are accompanied by “meat feast”- the tables are decorated with dishes such as spit-roast pig “Lechon” (Lechon), grilled chicken “Lechon – manok” (Lechon manok), pork baked in a sweet and sour sauce “Singenta”, etc. it Should be noted, Filipinos are big fans of cooking over an open fire.

Respect in the Philippines and fast food, various burgers and hot dogs. But here is the exotic Filipino cuisine – here You try unusual hot dog with ice cream. Sweets and pastries is the sweet tooth it will be hard to resist – all kinds cakes with tropical fruits of mango, guava, fried bananas in pastry or without, and exotic ice cream, “halo-halo” made of vegetable “enjoy!”, (a mixture of condensed milk, the pulp of the fruit and crushed ice.

Well, and perhaps the most unusual and extravagant dish of Filipino food “Balut”. It is a boiled duck egg in which the embryo. To try this delicacy is not for every traveler, but will offer it for sure – it is offered at the beaches, local markets. Themselves Filipinos believe that “Balut” is an excellent tool for male power.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that at first glance unassuming Asian cuisine of the Philippines will not be able to surprise discerning palate, but once in this country, even the connoisseurs of Haute cuisine will celebrate the exotic dishes of the Filipino people.