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National English kitchen

Delicious recipes.

English cuisine: the traditions, history, features, recipes

The basis of the English national cuisine is simple and nutritious meals, and this is markedly different from the French gourmet. This feature manifests itself in the use of natural products. The dishes are prepared boiled, fried, baked, stewed.

Despite the proliferation in recent years of various theories about the rational use of products in the diet, the bulk of the British adheres to centuries-old traditions. For example, vegetables are boiled in well-salted water. Considered to be the most loved Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, pea brain.

For vegetable salads in the English kitchen is most often used vinegar and vegetable oil.

However, many follow the principles of the science of nutrition by limiting the intake of salt, sugar, vinegar, preach vegetarianism: often on the menu include vegetable cutlets and chops, baked potatoes with vegetable filling, all kinds of salads prepared from raw cereal, fresh fruit, nuts and dried fruit. Fried potatoes consumed little. Love the cheeses.

As for meat products, the beef from which you cook the national dish — roast beef. Offer it with Yorkshire pudding, made with FL unleavened dough and baked in a shallow form. In English cooking many dishes made from lamb. They are particularly fond of the Scots. For example, a leg of lamb in a sauce with added pepper and mint. A traditional English dish — Ira stew, made of mutton with onions and potatoes. The meat dishes are usually served with green peas, and currant jelly. Pork and veal are used a little.

English cuisine is often cooked poultry and game, cooked and served in pots. From birds make and filling for pies. Typical English cuisine pot pie — pie from the test base and toppings. This pie filling can be meat, fish or fruit.

The range of sweet dishes is dominated by the British puddings, steamed.

Fresh fruit, especially apples — an integral part of any English menu.

The main national drink — tea. Various meals offer soda, lemon or other fruit water. Of prefer dessert wines. For example, port or sherry may be served before eating, but it – only port. Like in UK beer and cider (wine fortress 8°).

In General, the order of the day the main thing for the English Breakfast. Breakfast in England is usually very abundant. Most often it is the oatmeal — porridge or eggs and bacon, smoked herring, grilled kidneys, sausages, toast with butter, grapefruit or other fresh fruit, strong tea with milk, marmalade, orange juice.

Lunch (or rather brunch) is relatively simple. It can be various kinds of roast beef with potatoes, sweet dessert or cheese with crackers and butter. This time, the ordinary Englishman attempting to win often, eating in a small cafe – “the pub” where you can quickly eat sandwiches, grilled sausages, washed down with a beer.

Tea, which is drunk in England in 5 – 6 hours, is called “five o clock”. Tea offer small portions of hot dishes or cold meats, smoked herring, various salads, sandwiches, cakes, muffins, cookies.

In the evening at 7-8 o’clock — this afternoon, during which is usually served with appetizers, soups, roast meat with vegetables, sweet dishes, sandwiches and, of course, strong tea.

You can now go to practice. Choose your favorite recipe, mastered the peculiarities of national dishes and English cuisine will be fixed in Your menu.