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The most dangerous food world


Visiting different countries and continents, every one of us wants to taste various dishes of national cuisine.

However, we should not forget that these dishes may not like your stomach due to the unusual ingredients.

This situation may create health problems or spoil your entire holiday.

Taking into account the different sociological surveys and studies was the rating of the most dangerous products in different countries around the world.

The undisputed leader in this rating-is the traditional Japanese delicacy — puffer fish that contains the poison tetrodotoxin that is deadly to humans.

To order this delicacy, you need only in good restaurants where the chef — a real master, who has passed special training and has reached the desired skill level for his profession.

This dish expensive, but if the budget is limited, better not to risk than to try in questionable places.

Despite the tight control in Japan every year dozens of people die from poisoning by the puffer fish due to cooking errors.

Second place is occupied by frogs.

This delicacy has become popular all over the world thanks to the French, who ate frog meat in large quantities.

With increasing demand for their frogs were exported from Africa — there are more large species, but most of them are poisonous.

Therefore, when ordering in a restaurant, be sure to ask why frogs were brought, otherwise you may have problems with digestion and General well-being.

When visiting Latin America, you should be cautious about sampling the local delicacy of crab meat, since there is a possibility of Contracting cholera.

Food can be consumed only well cooked crabs cleaned and in good accredited institutions.

Otherwise, severe diarrhea will ruin your entire vacation.

Strange as it may sound, but the water is also in the list of especially dangerous foods.

When traveling in countries of the African continent there is a chance of poisoning the local soup or cocktail.

This situation occurred because of the absence of any treatment plants in almost all territory of the continent.

Therefore, when planning a trip to Africa, you should stock up on the necessary quantity of bottled water.

When traveling to Korea should be attentive to the use of the octopus — here they cook together with living tentacles.

When ordering this delicacy there is a possibility of suction of these tentacles to different parts of the human body, causing suffocation and spasms, so you should not be looking at this type of product too close.

In Sicily it is worth to protect themselves from tasting of sheep’s cheese “Kazu Marco”, because it contains the larvae of a special cheese fly, which is added to improve the fermentation process.

When hit in the stomach they cause severe cramping and diarrhea, but don’t worry — after a certain time they leave the body naturally.

When you visit the cozy villages of Europe and Asia not to buy and drink fresh unpasteurized milk, as this may cause upset stomach and intestines.

The reason is the presence in the milk of bacteria that can cause serious health problems: the strongest spasms, fever, fever and in more severe cases, enlargement of the liver.

In General before traveling to any country is to thoroughly examine the national dish and be prepared to different surprises of the local cuisine.

Well, keep in mind that learning the local cooking is always an experiment on their health.


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