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The most expensive pizza in the world


Royal pizza

Italian chef Renato viola of South Agropoli takes the unique pizza under the name of”Louis the XIII century”. In appearance it is a normal pizza standard size of 20 cm in diameter.

But being prepared is super expensive pizza made with products of the highest quality. When cooking use the right kind of flour, a rare Austrian red Murray River salt, caviar, crayfish, lobster and tuna. Everything is seasoned very expensive and rare cheese, Buffalo mozzarella, created from the milk of the domestic Buffalo, and filled with expensive cognac.

As a result, this small most expensive pizza in the world costs 8, 3 thousand euros.

Precious pizza

Famous chef Domenico Corolla offered the most expensive version of pizza called Pizza Royale 007. The diameter of this unique dish – 30 cm, but in the quality of the toppings are the special ingredients: caviar, lobster soaked in cognac, Scottish smoked salmon, medallions of venison, tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar. Top fancy pizza decorated with flakes of edible 24-carat gold.

Precious pizza was sold at auction for c $4.2 thousand All funds collected going to the charity.

Pizza in the style Suite

Luxury pizza called Luxury Pizza cooked in one of the most popular restaurants in new York city. The owner of the restaurant Nino’s Bellissima Pizza located in Manhattan, offered a special pizza where the quality of toppings used a large portion of caviar, fresh lobster meat and wasabi.

The restaurant owner Nino Selimaj said that invented pizza, for those people who are able to truly appreciate the gastronomic luxury. The cost of a Luxury Pizza achieves $1 thousand.

Pizza history

Cook pizza for over a thousand years. In Ancient Greece the dough is baked together with seasonings and vegetables, meat, olives and cheese. Greek pizza is served and a plate, and it was called plakuntos what it means In a”flat baked hlebu”.

Pizza was the food of commoners and quite ordinary food. Especially loved her simple Italian. But once she got on the Royal table as a gift for a lovely Margherita of Savoy, wife of king Umberto I. it was in her honor a pizza with tomato, mozzarella and Basil was named”Margaritov”.

Today pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world. In Japan it is cooked with eels and squid, in India with minced lamb and soybean curd, in Pakistan – with spicy curry. All in all, the world now has more than 2 thousand kinds of different pizzas.

But for the gourmet cook a special pizza, which becomes the most expensive pizza in the world.

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