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Pickled onions

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Pickled onions – quick, inexpensive, and most importantly, always a win-win snack at any table. This simple dish from ordinary vegetable will give a special style hearty pilaf, juicy barbecue, tender salted fish.

This recipe marinated onions is easy to prepare. Just do as written in the article, and you’ll get a big bunch of juicy crunchy pickled onions. Do not be afraid that will not eat this snack at a time, cooked onions this way is guaranteed to be stored for a week. And even more, we just have it longer than a week did not linger. Although perhaps we could hold a little longer, the remains were always especially delicious.

1 tablespoon 70% vinegar

50 g salt (

2 tablespoons)

1 tablespoon sugar

A 2-liter glass jar

Output: 1 kg of pickled onions

About the ingredients:

Onions is better to take the average. Little heads of a chore to clean, and large rings in the dish look untidy.

Water be sure to boil and cool. This appetizer will be, though not long, but be stored. Therefore hedged from, more theoretical, because of the presence in Luke of the volatile, but still possible, souring.

With vinegar it’s simple. You don’t need to look for vinegar you need low – concentration. Take the most common and affordable 70% acetic acid.

Regular kitchen salt, either, though large, though small. Want to make pickled onions with the chic use of the sea. Although the taste is not much difference. The same effect you will achieve if you pour simple salt, and to say, used sea.

Sugar is also the most common, white. Unrefined brown there’s even harmful. He painted onions, but we do not need.

A two-liter of the Bank is mandatory. It’s all designed. 1 kg onions cut in rings just fills it completely, and 1 liter of brine is enough without the rest pour over onions.

Cooking pickled onions:

Peel the onions, cut into rings (better to do it with the help of chopping) and put in a jar, a little stamping.

Water, vinegar, sugar and salt prepare the brine. If there is no balance, just pour 2 tablespoons of salt. It will be about 60 grams and virtually no impact on the taste.

And pour it in a jar. Here everything is clear. What I did not marinate the onions in a two-liter jar completely full of the chopped onion rings is always a member of exactly one liter.

And put in cool place to marinate. Three hours later (especially if the Bank to keep at room temperature) pickled onions can be used for the intended purpose. I usually prepare this appetizer to the barbecue, or salt fish, so everything is simple – along with the fish salting or pickling meat, make a bow, and he comes to the readiness of the main dish.

And of course, pickled onions can be served as a separate appetizer for almost any food.

Cooking pickled onions do not require any culinary skills. All action is purely mechanical – sliced, peppered, filled, snapped, and you can eat. Marinating removes Luke from the sharpness and bitterness, giving the “officer’s lemon” – onion in the Russian army, light acidity and a pleasant crunchiness.

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