What are the most expensive dishes in the world?
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The most expensive dishes in the world
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Salad recipes

Of course, we are exceptionally hospitable and welcoming hosts. But the situation when expensive unexpected guests suddenly appear at your doorstep, quite unpleasant. My opinion is that salad is a dish made from fresh vegetables and fruit especially cooked dressing. Mayonnaise “salad” is rather an appetizer. And you can fill them with mayonnaise of their own making.

Homemade mayonnaise. Carefully separate 2 egg yolks from the whites, removing also the flagella. Eggs desirable to take home. If you are afraid of salmonellosis, take quail in the ratio 1:4 (instead of 2 chicken egg yolks have to take 8 quail). Season with a little salt, the yolks and RUB in one direction with a spoon. Beat with a mixer you don’t need mayonnaise so delicious, but because of the large number of air bubbles its shelf life is reduced to 1-2 days. Continuing to RUB, add a drop of vegetable (preferably olive) oil, stir until full connection with the yolk, and only then add the next portion. Each time a batch of oil becoming more. RUB in one direction, each time achieving full homogeneity. 2 yolk you will need about 300 g of oil. Each time the mixture will become thicker. The resulting mixture is salt and pepper to taste, add prepared mustard, stir and add lemon juice or vinegar. The mixture will turn white and will resemble mayonnaise, but only in appearance but not in content.

And so – recipes quick salads .

1. Almost Greek salad

1 bunch of lettuce,

1-2 sweet red peppers,

1 onion,

½ Cans pitted black olives,

100-150 g feta cheese,



1 tsp sweet mustard,

1 clove of garlic,

1 tsp balsamic vinegar,

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp. honey,

1 tsp. dried Basil,

pepper, salt.


All the ingredients, apart from a few lettuce leaves, chop them rather coarsely. Prepare the filling, wiping all the ingredients with a fork. If you don’t have balsamic vinegar, you can substitute regular or Apple. On a flat dish arrange the lettuce leaves on a slide they put the salad and pour over dressing.

2. Oriental green salad

1 bunch of lettuce,

1 bunch greens (any, to taste),

2-3 green bell pepper,

2-3 cucumber,

1 white onion,

½ – 1 jar olives,pitted

5-7 quail eggs.


2 tbsp soy sauce,

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar,

3 tbsp olive oil.

The most expensive foods in the world
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