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Salad from sea Kale Korean


There are plenty of recipes of various salads from sea Kale, which got fairly wide distribution due to its unique vitamin set.

Salads from sea cabbage can be served as a separate dish for lunch or as a healthy snack. Recipe salad seaweed in Korean based on communication with Korean representatives of the Board of the chefs that make it truly unique for our countries.

As you know, any culinary experiment begins with the preparation of ingredients. To prepare the salad of seaweed in Korean . you do not need available for purchase at any supermarket products, all that is needed is:

1 package of dried seaweed;

1 carrots (preferably large);

Peppers (sweet);

3 cloves of garlic;

0,5 red chilli;

soy sauce;


3 onions;


monosodium glutamate;

A salad of seaweed in Korean

Prepared dried sea Kale must be thoroughly rinsed under copious amounts of running water, as it can get sand, or any other marine garbage. After that, it must be soaked in cold water. Continue to soak the cabbage need until then, until it swell — it usually takes from 5 to 60 minutes. All other components necessary to prepare for consumption using traditional methods.

Pre-soaked sea cabbage to boil. The cooking time is adjusted individually depending on the freshness of the used cabbage. It usually takes from 20 to 60 minutes. This process must be treated very carefully, occasionally trying the cabbage in readiness — in no case should not crack.

Boiled sea Kale must discard in a colander to glass. While the cabbage drains, you need to chop carrots and onion very thin strips.

Choose the best deep pan, pour oil into it and set on fire to warm up. Slice chili thin strips, then fry it in the pan (this should be done quickly, so he did not burn). Observe what is happening pepper in the pan: it should not turn black, and oil must take its colour and juice.

Fry the pepper, throw into the pan a handful of sesame seeds (to taste), fry the mixture of sesame seeds with the pepper for several seconds, then in the pan you must add the onion and fry until it become half-transparent. Bringing the onion until tender, throw in the pan the carrots and sweet peppers — monitor the cooking process with equal attention.

While the contents of the pan fried, you need to prepare sea Kale, cutting it into pieces (with a knife or scissors), equal to 10-15 centimeters. Adds chopped cabbage into the pan, distributing it over the surface as evenly as possible, lightly deep fried and switch off the stove, cover the pan with a lid. Let’s give the future a salad from sea Kale Korean to infuse, adding the crushed garlic, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, vinegar and mix all the contents as thoroughly as possible.

It is necessary to give the salad to brew. It should also be noted that it is perfectly stored in the refrigerator throughout the week — every day, you can delight yourself and your family a new portion of so useful to the human body of iodine. Adding auxiliary ingredients, focus on your taste and on the preferences of their loved ones.