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What to cook from meat residues?

What to cook from meat residues? Ideas Thrifty Housewives

Often in the fridge, you can observe the following picture: the remains of various meat dishes after a fun filled holiday sadly lose their freshness on the shelves. Or it happens that after a hard week in the fridge already found dried “snacks” — small sausages and sausages, which simply did not have time to eat.

But do not immediately put them on the cross! There are ways to spice up foods or use a slightly severalties. Most importantly, these meat products have not been damaged and covered with mold. Today the online magazine “the” offers delicious and easy recipes from meat residues.

Meat omelet

Leftover meat, sausages or sausages can be used in scrambled eggs . Just cut the meat into small pieces, fry in sunflower oil and pour in beaten eggs.

Perfectly complement this fresh tomato omelet. Add salt to taste, cook until ready and serve with fresh greens. Tasty, and most importantly practical!

Very tasty sandwiches!

Use a dried sausage or sausage for hot sandwiches. A piece of bread to put the sausage, add tomato or other vegetables to taste, top with a slice of cheese and put into the oven or microwave.

A couple of minutes and the dish is ready! A great Sunday Breakfast!

Original pizza

Similar version using dried sausage or meat residues – pizza . Russian variant of pizza is to put it everything we’ve got in the fridge, so leftover sausage will do fine for this dish.

The dough can make yourself or buy, roll out a thin layer and sprinkle our sausage remnants. You can add to taste mushrooms, onions, olives, pickles, tomatoes. And the most important ingredient – cheese! The dish is simple and delicious.

Meat rolls

The easiest option – meat rolls. For this we need the pita bread, sausage remnants or leftover cooked meat, grated cheese and parsley. Filling of meat, cheese and herbs wrapped in pita bread, add the mayonnaise and all this is put in the fridge.

Makes the perfect snack!

Empanadas “in haste”

From the remnants of boiled meat or ham you can prepare a delicious filling for pancakes . Meat you need to scroll to the status of meat, and wrapped in a pancake. Fry pancakes in a skillet.

In the stuffing can again add cheese, it will melt and turn out very tasty!

Chicken cutlets

From the remnants of roast or boiled chicken, which is already not a very appetizing look, you can cook the chicken cutlets . For this you will need to separate the meat from the bones, add the egg yolks, sour cream and soaked in milk white bread.

Add salt and pepper to taste and fry in vegetable oil. With a side dish of mashed potatoes will turn out delicious and nutritious dinner!

Meat casserole

From the remnants of the meat will have a delicious casserole . You need to grind meat in a meat grinder. Mix with the onion and overcook. Then evenly laid in the form, and distribute on top of mashed potatoes. Bake in the oven until cooked.

Meat salad

Remnants of boiled meat would go well on a salad. For preparation will need a pair of boiled potatoes, two boiled eggs, onions, and our boiled meat. All of this chopped, salt to taste and dress with mayonnaise. Quick and tasty!

As you can see, do not hurry to throw out the dried up hot dogs and sausages, meat and chicken. You can make a large number of dishes that will pleasantly enrich your table.

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