The most expensive dishes in the world
  Are you willing to pay for the pizza 10 thousand, and for the meat pie – $ 12? As lunch oligarchs, and what are their eating habits? Introducing all…

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Salad from sea Kale Korean
  There are plenty of recipes of various salads from sea Kale, which got fairly wide distribution due to its unique vitamin set. Salads from sea cabbage can be served…

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Quick and tasty snacks


When it comes to delicious sandwiches, cheese topped with a crispy crust, even those who adhere to a strict diet, can not resist. Hot sandwiches in the oven is not only nutritious, but very tasty dish. Even those who are unfamiliar with the art of cooking, you can prepare these sandwiches without much difficulty. They are suitable for a hearty Breakfast and for snacking throughout the day. So let’s try delicious and satisfying to feed their Pets.

Many of us love to indulge in a delicious cold beer. However, what is beer without the rye crisp crackers with garlic . To cook this delicious dish can at home and by the way, homemade croutons is very simple and quickly prepared. Even in ancient times people noticed that if rye bread is not eaten immediately, then after a couple days it starts to harden.

Preparing for another celebration involving the presence of plenty of different Goodies on the holiday table, we all start thinking about what kind of delicious, creative, and most importantly a quick snack to prepare us for this time? Some begin to sort through large cookbook with colorful pictures, others spend hours choosing recipes, studying the Internet.

Meals and snacks of chicken breast is tasty and varied. White meat chicken is diet product, and therefore particularly prized in cooking. Chicken a low calorie food rich in proteins, micro- and macroelements, vitamins B, A, PP and others. Of chicken Breasts you can cook a lot of delicious dishes and delicacies, one of which is dried chicken breast. Cooking recipe for curing chicken is very simple and it can handle even a beginner hostess. The only thing that will be required to prepare this delicacy – time, and, of course, patience. For a successful result and an excellent taste dried breast requires time spent on the process of marinating and drying.

Traditionally, the fat is considered indigenously Ukrainian product that is loved by the residents of other countries. And for good reason! Because fat contains arachidonic fatty acid, which is involved in the biological exchange of the organism. In such a large amount of arachidonic acid is not found anywhere else.

Easy and quick recipe
  Once I got into an awkward situation. The husband invited guests and forgot to tell me about it... Guests at the door, and you're on a diet... What to…

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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world
Many heard of such spices as saffron, but few know that this is the most expensive spice in the world. Collect it from the stigmata of Crocus flowers purple or…