Salad from sea Kale Korean
  There are plenty of recipes of various salads from sea Kale, which got fairly wide distribution due to its unique vitamin set. Salads from sea cabbage can be served…

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Lunch for tycoon
Dinner for the oligarch: Named the most expensive dishes in the world Rich people spend millions of dollars on Islands, yachts and mansions. In terms of food, they also do…

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The cuisines of the world

The cuisines of the world: Top countries with the most delicious cuisine

We bring you the top 5 most popular countries with the most delicious gourmet dishes. The author considers the best national dishes that are worth trying.

Tourism industry with rapid speed gaining momentum. Every year millions of travelers visit certain foreign countries to visit historical architectural complexes, to see the unique valuable artifacts, enjoy the spectacular modern achievements, etc.

Over time, however, many travellers became boring standard tourist trip. Effect of increasing demand many companies have started to organize such an unusual tour, as culinary tourism.

We bring you the top 5 most popular countries with the most delicious gourmet dishes.

Top 1. Japan

Japan is certainly one of the most interesting countries in culinary terms. Traditional Japanese cuisine includes not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing and appetizing. Since Japan is located on Islands, the mainly products are fish, squid, crabs, clams, seaweed, perfectly combined with “energy source” — rice.

The most popular delicacy of raw fish – sushi. For its preparation we use only the finest and freshest seafood. The main spices that adorn and gives a savory taste in Japanese the food is wasabi and ginger.

In Japan be sure to try:

Tempura – fried pieces of meat or seafood, often served with sweet and sour sauce on a Sizzling skillet.

Kushiyaki and Yakitori – looks like a kebab. Only instead of skewer uses a thin stick made of wood, and instead of juicy meat pieces, vegetables and seafood.

Sukiyaki – a dish prepared with his own hand. You bring the pot with the broth and lots of small plates with ingredients.

Top 2. India

Indian cuisine is the use of fragrant spices such as saffron, cumin, cardamom, black pepper, curry. A distinctive feature of the national cuisine of India is the abundance of vegetarian dishes. Either Hindus do not eat meat, or eat, but in very small quantities.

The main products used in cooking beans, spices, rice and vegetables.

Be sure to try these traditional dishes from India:

Tandoori – baked in a special oven, marinated in yogurt and spices chicken

Chapatis – Indian flatbread, something similar to pita bread, from wheat flour

Samba – dumplings stuffed with marinated, lentil curry and rice cakes

Raita – yoghurt with mint & cucumber

Quick salads
Quick salads There are situations when you need to cook something quickly and easily. It is in such situations and need a quick salad. Any owner enter into a panic…

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