The most expensive dishes in the world
Every fine-dining restaurant is committed to have a few unique delicacies, available only to customers of the highest class. The cost of such culinary delights is measured at best in…

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The most unusual fish dishes of the world
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The most expensive foods in the world

How much money you are willing to spend on tasty lunch or dinner? For exclusive delicacy some people spend tens of thousands of dollars. Let’s find out what rich people are willing to seriously “fork”.


It is believed that the most expensive spice is saffron. This spice is a thousand stamens of plants of the family krokusowa. To obtain 500 g of spices required more than 200 thousand stamens. One kilogram of saffron will cost you 6 thousand dollars.


The most expensive in the world of macadamia nuts is considered. This variety of walnut is produced in an amount of not more than 40 tons per year. Pounds macadamia can be purchased at least 30 dollars.


The most expensive potato grows on the island Normate. Crop varieties of “La Bonnotte” is not more than 100 tons per year. This kaligram of potatoes cost about 500 euros.


Marbled beef from Japanese cows, Wagyu. This breed, for centuries, bred exclusively in Japan. In Europe 200 g fillet of beef worth more than $ 100.


Caviar of Beluga-the albino from Iran is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. 100 g of caviar in a gold jar will cost about 2 thousand dollars.


The most expensive mushroom in the world is the white truffle. The price of the product is established by auction. So in 2007, 750-gram the fungus was sold to a Hong Kong tycoons for 209 thousand dollars.


Restaurant new York hotel “Le Parker Meridien” offers the most expensive Breakfast of omelets in the world. “Only” a thousand dollars you will bring a dish with lobster and sevruga caviar.


In pizza “Luis XIII” from Renato viola are: Buffalo mozzarella, three types of caviar, prawns, lobster and red lobster. Is such a pleasure to 8300 Euro.


In the Bronx you can taste blue dumplings. In the composition of dishes includes veal, elk, pork, and iron deep fish-torch, which gives the dumplings an unusual color. 8, the dumpling will cost you $ 2,400.


“Platinum club sandwich von Essen” served the restaurants in hotels “von Essen”. The snack costs about $ 200.


The restaurant of the Oxford hotel “Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons” offers you to eat salad “Florette Sea &Earth”. The food composition includes: 50 grams of white sturgeon caviar, lobster, Cornish crab, grated truffle, asparagus, potatoes, young leaves of lettuce and red pepper. The dish is decorated with gold leaf and costs £ 635.


In a new York restaurant “Serendipity 3” you can try ice cream for 25 varieties of cocoa, with pieces of edible gold in a glass with a gold border and diamond in gold accompanied by a dessert spoon encrusted with diamonds. The price of the dessert is 25 thousand dollars (the dishes you can take home).


The most expensive drink is called da Hong PAO. Tea prepared from the sheet just six bushes near the monastery Tianxin, the age of which is 350 years. Until 2006 the unique pounds of tea cost 685 thousand dollars. Today, the collection leaves a moratorium.