The ranking of the most expensive delicacies of the world
Gourmets all over the world ranked the most valuable and expensive meals in the world. Not sure what all these dishes they tried, but that these dishes are the most…

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The cuisines of the world
The cuisines of the world: Top countries with the most delicious cuisine We bring you the top 5 most popular countries with the most delicious gourmet dishes. The author considers…

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Lunch for tycoon

Dinner for the oligarch: Named the most expensive dishes in the world

Rich people spend millions of dollars on Islands, yachts and mansions.

In terms of food, they also do not strive to limit myself by choosing the best and most expensive

Rich people spend millions of dollars on Islands, yachts and mansions.

In terms of food, they also do not strive to limit myself by choosing the best and most expensive.

The list of luxury foods from around the world is “Business Style”.

So, what can be a lunch regular billionaire?

At first he can offer the most expensive soup in the world Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup

(“Buddha jumps over the wall”).

It is served at London’s Kai Mayfair restaurant and is 171 dollars per serving.

It includes shark fins, shellfish abalone, sea cucumber,

dried scallops, chicken, smoked ham, pork,

ginseng and other exotic ingredients.

And the soup must be ordered in advance – five days.

To satisfy hunger the rich help the world’s most expensive hamburger

about which already wrote “Business Style”.

In the manufacture of Le Burger Extravagant, which make

in glamorous new York restaurant Serendipity 3, used marble beef,

the oil from white truffle, caviar and other luxury ingredients.

The price is 295 dollars.

We offer something for dessert, in particular The Golden Phoenix Cupcake – the most expensive cupcake in the world

served in the cafe Bloomsbury in Dubai.

The composition of cake 1 thousand dollars includes Italian chocolate,

23-Karat edible gold in the form of plates and powder, organic strawberry, etc.

The cupcake is served on a gold platter, it must be booked in advance – 48 hours.

Fans of Japanese cuisine certainly be happy with Sushi Del Oriente – nigiri servings of sushi

for 2 thousand 34 dollars. This dish wrapped in plates of 24-Karat gold

and decorated African diamonds of 0.20 carats each.

The gold prepares a budding sushi chef, Angelito Araneta Jr.

the company Karat Chef.

For the rich who like to drink,

the bartenders can mix the most expensive cocktail is a drink for the “27.321”.

It is cooked in the Dubai Sky View bar at the Burj Al Arab.

In the cocktail 55-year-old Macallan single malt whisky,

fruit bitters, and passion fruit sugar.

The drink is served in a glass made of 18-carat gold.

For this pleasure will have to pay 7 thousand dollars 438.

Dessert is the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate from Serendipity 3 mentioned here

is a perfect symbol of the sweet life (in all senses of the word).

This ice cream is made using 28 different varieties of cocoa,

decorated with 5 grams of edible 23-carat gold,

in addition, it consists of flakes of gold.

The Golden theme is not limited to: ice cream served in a Cup,

in which is laid a sheet of edible precious metal,

attached is a bracelet of 18 Karat gold and diamonds,

and Golden spoon with the same precious stones.

The most expensive pizza in the world
  Royal pizza Italian chef Renato viola of South Agropoli takes the unique pizza under the name of"Louis the XIII century". In appearance it is a normal pizza standard size…

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The most exotic dishes contain gold
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