Exotic cuisines of the world (Philippines)
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The cuisines of the world
The cuisines of the world: Top countries with the most delicious cuisine We bring you the top 5 most popular countries with the most delicious gourmet dishes. The author considers…

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The most delicious pasties

This is a special, delicious pie from the Crimean Tatars. But somehow someone pasties make delicious, juicy, tender and crispy, and the other is a stale, dry cakes special shape with crispy onions.

How many cooks – so many recipes. So I decided to share with you my recipe, I borrowed my roommate Crimean Tatars – hereditary cook. When I first saw it, as the roommate prepares pasties, I had a lot of questions:

1) Why it is necessary to pour the broth in the stuffing?

2) Why sugar in the dough?

3) Why does the dough need to hold in the fridge before rolling?

4) Why is stuffing not much to knead?

5) Why are onion roll with a rolling pin?

Of course, I got the answers. All these secrets I will share with you.

So, first, prepare the dough, as it should after kneading to rest a little in the fridge to become elastic and pliable when rolling out.

500 gr. flour

150-180 g of water

2 g of salt

2 g of sugar

Sift the flour through a fine sieve on the table, to form a hill, salt of salt and sugar (so the dough was crispy), make a well and pour water. pretty cool Knead the dough.

Wrap it in cling film and cool in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes, as I said, this is for it to become more supple and better and thinner rolled out.

Nastavljena divide the dough into two parts and make it smooth bundles with a diameter of 3 cm Cut into circles of thickness 2 cm (40gr.).

Then the resulting circle to be pressed down by hand to form the cake and pour them with flour to them. Put them in a plastic bag and put into the refrigerator.

This time, prepare the filling.

500 gr. meat 1 onion, bunch of dill 200-250gr.meat broth salt, black pepper to taste

Meat skip through Mincer. Onion cut into small cubes and promyat it with a rolling pin until the disappearance of the crunch. To combine meat with onions, add herbs, salt, pepper, cumin and mix well.

Here you will need a special tenderness, as if a strong compression of the meat, it releases a protein that makes the meat sticky lump.

When mixing the stuffing gradually pour the broth in small portions as it is completely absorbed. This will give the meat juiciness and tenderness. The amount of broth is absorbed depends on the density of the meat.

Then put the minced meat in the fridge for 30 minutes to cure, and the semi-finished products of dough to pull out and roll out each tortilla almost to “zero”.

On one side of the bread spread a tablespoon of the stuffing, spread it, cover the second half of the tortillas and make a burrito on the edge, cutting special zig-zag cutter.

Fry cheburek must at a temperature of 220-240 a large amount of vegetable oil 2-3 minutes. And better to do it in a wok is more convenient and practical (don’t have to turn over for even frying). And if you have no wok, can, and pan frying. I assure you, was no less tasty.