The most disgusting food in the world
  1. snake blood and bile in Central Jakarta, people cut off a snake head, blood dripping into a glass container, there is bile all this shaken - and drink…

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Quick and delicious cabbage salad
Cooking together Quick and delicious salads always have a demand! On any table... any time of the year... Of any product can "create" a quick and delicious salads! Here is…

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The most delicious dish in the world

That’s really the question, question. As is known, on taste and color of comrades no. If you hold some kind of a poll on the street, I think of hundreds of responses is unlikely to be at least 2-3 are the same. Someone can not imagine to live a day without soup (okroshka is a summer version), someone starts the morning with coffee and a slice of cheese, and someone is crazy for juicy, outgoing Park hot hunk of roasted meat. A vegetarian look at this dish with obvious disgust, preferring vegetable stew, asparagus and salad.

Also on the choice of the most delicious dishes will affect the ethnic characteristics of the individual. The founder of the Hamburg zoo (1878) Carl Hagenbeck organized very popular exhibition of the peoples of the world. He brought whole families well-known in Europe’s ethnic groups include the Lapps, the Eskimos, the Nubians, Kirghiz, and others, and they showed the audience their life. Of course, fed them, from the point of view of Europeans, at the highest level. Only Hagenbeck began to notice that the eskimo, like, sick. They rapidly lost weight, showed former joy and sociability. Being a smart man, he finally realized that the problem is in the food. At home in those days, in the eskimo diet included large quantities of animal fat, which they could eat raw and which they are now sorely lacking. Carl Hagenbeck literally turned the surrounding area, but found a small candle factory, which produced tallow candles. He purchased several boxes of these candles and was just amazed when I saw the delight with which his players began to absorb them. Just a couple of days everything returned to normal. Will we have it? The answer, I think, is obvious. And for the huskies it was the most delicious dish.

That delicious for me personally? The issue is complex, depending on the time of day, time of year and even emotional state. More than anything love meat. But, being a guest at friends, suddenly what is called a crush on a simple carrot salad. And now, when going to visit them again, I warn you in advance that the carrot was, and it will not come! Kidding, of course. Sometimes, when you want to pamper yourself (it happens very rarely, once in a year and a half), cook clever sandwiches – a figment of my “wild” imagination: fried in butter the slice of bread until Golden, crisp, slightly cool, RUB liberally on both sides with garlic. Cook 1-2 hard-boiled eggs, and cleaned while they’re hot, in a bowl mash them with a fork with a piece of butter and salt. The resulting homogeneous mass smear on the toasted slices. Finely chop green onions and dill, liberally sprinkle them over the sandwiches, salted on top. And you’re done. You can enjoy the most delicious (from my point of view) dish! Preferably in the company of hot tea.

If not tired, will talk some more. I had a chance to get stuck after work at work (such a pun). The management decided to organize a community work day. And I had, instead of running home for lunch (we worked, de jure, from 7.00 to 14.00, and de facto – with 6.15 and while to let soldiers know), hang out for a couple hours to paint the gate and fence. Spring is in full swing, even hot day already, the time is approaching to 17 (and had Breakfast at 5 in the morning), the stomach rumbling louder than the cars passing by and feel sick with hunger already. Then came our charge, uncle Vanya, as we all did. Looked at my pale appearance, and without saying anything, brought me a loaf of black bread and a large mug of goat milk from the refrigerator. Believe me, at that moment, for me it was the most delicious dish in the world!

Appetizer of eggplant with mushrooms
Appetizer of eggplant with mushrooms Appetizer of eggplant with mushrooms — very tasty and easy to prepare dish. The basis of the recipe I took a simple appetizer of eggplant…

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Top 5 yummy salads with avocado
Top 5 yummy salads with avocado Avocado is delicate, soft and refined berry pear shaped. Popular worldwide fetus, has a delicate nutty flavor and is rich in vitamins E ,…