The most dangerous food world
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The most delicious national dishes
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Popular and not popular dishes in the world

The most popular and the most popular dishes in the world

Food is different: delicious and tasty, beautifully decorated and ugly, fresh and stale.

The most popular dish worldwide is a well-known pizza.

Scientists, researchers from Norway believe that pizza was invented by the Vikings. Proof of this are the ancient pans, found by archaeologists in the sites of settlements of the ancestors of modern Norwegians. These dishes, according to the ethnologists, was preparing tortillas stuffed with vegetables, meat or fish.

The Norwegians even Perpetuum on the primacy of the invention of this dish.

The average European eats in a year about 300 kg of this product.

According to data provided by restaurants, cafes and pizzerias, all over the world for a day eaten more than 500 million pizzas of various shapes and sizes.

However, in the kitchen of every nation probably will be found a dish whose taste for the rest of the world will seem strange, sometimes even nasty.

Let’s take a closer look with the ten of the most disgusting dishes from different cuisines.

10: Duck tongues with celery

Prepare this dish in Hong Kong. The Europeans who had a chance to try it, claim that it tastes disgusting.

9: Lollipops with worms

Yes, imagine, for someone it was a real treat, you could even say, dessert. For the sweet here it’s served with don’t-understand-(they say the insects is protein in its purest form). As a filling for these candies come from grasshoppers and oat

Seat 8: Sheep’s offal with spices

Heart, liver and lungs wrapped in the sheep stomach bladder, pre-mixed with oatmeal, onions and seasonings. The dish is served in Scotland.

Seat 7: Fried Mars

Well-known chocolate bar, fried in butter and served fish and chips – the most popular delicacy of the Scots.

Seat 6: Crackers with wasps

The Japanese are so fond of dry cookies that don’t mind eating them with such a strange filling like wasps.

Seat 5: Fried spiders

Fried spiders – a delicacy in Cambodia, the taste, according to witnesses, they are like chicken with a crispy crust. The most important thing is not to see what you’re eating.

Seat 4: Baked snake

In China this is quite a common dish, which will surprise nobody.

Seat 3: seahorses on skewers

Imagine the cutest to someone can seem food. Not someone, specifically to the Chinese. This delicious dish due to the rarity of sea horses.

Seat 2: Cooking with blood

Popular in South-East Asian dish. Preparing offal of ducks or pigs, served in their own blood.

Seat 1: Fried Guinea pig

Yes, what you see in the picture, not pigs as you might think. This cute, cute Pets – Guinea pig, roasted on the grill. A traditional dish in Peru that was prepared by their ancestors – the Incas.