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The most delicious national dishes
The most delicious dishes of national Russian regions Every people of our multinational country has its own cuisine and their own ideas about what should be correct and healthy food.…

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Exotic kitchen

Exotic cuisine: safe food at home or on vacation

Today few people can surprise the Japanese sushi, Chinese noodles and Mexican burritos. And such exotic fruits as pineapple, mango and kiwi, can be found in any large supermarket. How not to poison yourself, trying new foods at home and on vacation? On what to look for when meeting with unusual dishes? What food experiments should be abandoned? To these and other questions are answered Tatiana Zaletova, the dietician of Clinic of Institute of nutrition.

Oberst understands the possible threat from exotic food, but on vacation so I want to try all the local edible specifics! Are there any rules that you can enter in the menu an exotic experience? How much time will it take – is it realistic to stay within the usual two weeks vacation? Thank you!

Becoming familiar with exotic cuisine with simple dishes, mainly with the most simply prepared: steamed and deep fried. Exotic fruits and vegetables it is better to try a little – you will have time to try everything.

Try to use bottled water for drinking – hardly exotic intestinal infection included in the plans of your tour .

Olga, the adaptation is everyone is different. Some people get used to the most exotic the food very quickly, others occurs idiosyncrasy for life. If you have no problems eating sushi can calmly have to continue. Give preference to fresh sushi in the audited areas . however, this applies to any food .

As far as I understand, in your question it is not so much about products, but about made from the bottom of the dishes – since the basis of most of the dishes are ordinary products. If you have no stomach problems and other health problems, the main reason to certain foods “not impossible” is a possible allergic reaction. Try to eat food that are as similar as possible by way of preparation for the one that you eat at home, if possible, with a minimum of spices .

Hello Valery Ugarov. On vacation usually occur digestive problems such as bloating, heartburn, constipation, sometimes lack of appetite. Tell me what can be done to avoid this, you may need to prepare your body for the change of time, climate, water, etc. Sorry if my question is not the topic, but I would like to get an answer. Thanks in advance.

First, you need to figure out whether or not you have problems with gastro-Kyshtym tract. Symptoms such as heartburn. constipation and bloating say that before the holiday is to visit a gastroenterologist.

About the change of climate and time zone – the issue to another specialist. However, simple rules for a healthy flight and advice on how to cope with jet lag. can be found on the portal Takzdorovo.

To prepare for the change of water and food cannot. However, you can try to reduce the risk of problems: to drink bottled water and eat foods most similar to the one to which you are accustomed.

Damantych I heard that sushi is dangerous. But I love them. How to choose the right school to eat sushi. Is it possible to buy “take-out”?

The dishes of raw fish is always really risky. So ideally, sushi should be tested twice: at the stage of receipt of raw materials and finished products.

If we talk about institutions should give preference to the most authoritative and verified, and all kinds of stalls, tents and booths – to avoid.

As for sushi “to go”, we must remember that according to the standards of the dishes of raw fish can only be stored in the cold for six hours . Even if you order sushi home from a good institution and must be eaten immediately. Leaving a meal in the morning, even in the refrigerator, you run the risk of their own health.