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Salads with mayonnaise

Salads with mayonnaise

Few people do not like salads with a wonderful sauce — mayonnaise. Most useful the mayonnaise, which you have prepared for yourself, at home — read my instructions on how to make home-made mayonnaise. If you are a vegetarian, make the mayonnaise themselves, replacing the egg cream or flax meal, turns out very tasty.

This sauce can be drizzled over any meats and vegetables will have a delicious salad with mayonnaise. But why to fill “any” when there are lots of lovely salad recipes you will find on this page below.

Salads with mayonnaise: I recommend 144 prescription

Salad with chicken and fruit

200-250 g of chicken meat (boil);

1 large sour-sweet Apple;

1 large orange;

lemon juice 1 tbsp;

1-2 tbsp of mayonnaise;

salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Salad with squid and egg pancakes

2 carcass squid;

1 fresh cucumber;

2 large eggs;

1 onion;

mayonnaise for refueling;

vegetable oil for frying 1 tsp;

salt and pepper to taste;

fresh herbs as desired.

Salad with mango and smoked chicken

1 mango fruit (or 150-200 grams of canned);

1 Cup cooked rice;

1 fresh sour-sweet Apple;

1/3 Cup of canned corn;

250 g smoked chicken;

1 fresh tomato;

a half of a lemon;

mayonnaise for refueling;

parsley for decoration.

Salad-shifter with mushrooms and sweet peppers

150 g of pickled mushrooms;

200 g chicken breast;

1 large bell pepper;

2 tbsp of mayonnaise;

salt and pepper to taste;

dill or parsley;

vegetable oil for frying.

Ministerial salad with chicken

3 eggs;

1 onion;

1 chicken breast;

salt, pepper, herbs to taste;

vegetable oil for roasting;

mayonnaise for refueling.

Seaside salad with squid and cabbage

2-3 small squid carcass;

200 g of white cabbage;

1 green Apple;

1-2 pickled cucumber;

50 g black olives;

50 g canned peas;

salt and pepper to taste;

mayonnaise for refueling;

greens as desired.

When approaching the New year, birthday or other holiday, recipes, festive salads I always have on hand! To cook them easy and fun. I hope my selection of festive salads will help You to arrange a formal table.

Salad with crab sticks and sweet peppers

200 g crab sticks;

1 sweet green pepper;

1 sweet red pepper;

1 Bank of canned corn;

2-3 eggs;

1 red onion;

a little parsley;

mayonnaise + lemon juice for the filling;

salt and ground pepper to taste.

Salad with avocado, herring and beets

1 large boiled beet;

200 g fillet of salted herring;

1 ripe avocado;



Hearty salad with beef, chicken and chicken hearts

150 g of beef;

1 chicken breast;

150 g of chicken hearts;

1 large bulb;

1 large carrot (or 2 small);

2-3 pickled cucumber;

salt, herbs and mayonnaise;

vegetable oil for frying 1-2 tbsp

200 g crab sticks or crab meat;

4 eggs;

2 pickled cucumber;

1 fresh cucumber;

1 fresh tomato;

1 small bulb onion;

1 carrot;

salt, herbs and mayonnaise to taste;


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