The most expensive dishes
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The most expensive dishes in the world

Every fine-dining restaurant is committed to have a few unique delicacies, available only to customers of the highest class. The cost of such culinary delights is measured at best in the hundreds of dollars.

Today, we offer a rating, which included the most expensive dishes in the world . In this top ten there are snacks, hot dishes, desserts and even fast food.

10. “Chocopologie by Knipschildt”

— the most expensive chocolate in the world . It is produced in America and sold at the price of 2600 USD for a 500 g dark chocolate, shelf life of which is so small that it exports almost do not send. But in the composition of only natural ingredients of the highest quality.

9. The Potato “La Bonnotte”.

Costs about 500 euros per kilo. Expensive restaurants buy this rare variety on the island Normate, where the roots are harvested manually. Chefs and foodies appreciate “La Bonnotte” is exceptionally delicate flavor.

8. Steak of marbled beef.

Is usually 40-150 USD. The most valuable Japanese beef cows breed Wagyu. In the diet of cows include a variety of Goodies, which make the meat tender, juicy and flavorful. The cows even the beer is poured.

7. “Platinum club sandwich von Essen”

Served in hotels same network. Is sandwich for $ 200 and consists of bread in particular leaven, Iberian ham, Brest meat of fowl, white truffles, quail eggs, dried Italian tomatoes.

6. Pizza “Luis XIII” is 8300 euros.

For the money into the traditional Italian dishes include Buffalo mozzarella cheese, three kinds of caviar, shrimp, meat lobster and red lobster, and the salt is used fabulously expensive Australian pink “Murray River”.

5. “Florette Sea&Earth”

— the world’s most expensive salad . It is served at the Oxford hotel “Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons” at the price of 800 Euro per serving. Consisting of salad 50 grams of white Beluga caviar, Cornish crab meat, crayfish, lobster, paretsky young lettuce, olive oil, red pepper, grated truffles, potatoes and asparagus. Decorate the dish with gold foil.

4. “Dragon Dog” from the Vancouver network “DougieDog”

— the world’s most expensive fast food . The cost of the sausage in bread is $ 100. The composition of the hot dog comes with lobster meat, Japanese Kobe beef, cognac for the price of two thousand dollars a bottle, truffle and olive oil, and a sauce made with secret ingredients.

3. Ice cream restaurant “Serendipity 3”

— the world’s most expensive dessert . In the composition of ice cream for 25 varieties of cocoa. Decorate the dish with whipped cream, slices of edible gold, and a little chocolate from “Knipschildt Chocolatier”, whose chocolate opens our top ten. Dessert is served in a glass, decorated with diamonds and gold border with a gold spoon decorated with diamonds. Is “yummy” 25 thousand dollars. By the way, the customer has the right to take away the empty dessert bowl and spoon.

2. Dumplings from the new York restaurant “Golden Gates”

Cost 2400 dollars for 8 pieces per serving. Pelmeni with unusual blue-green color because the dough contains iron fish-torch (Curtius Flame Fish). The filling is made with veal, pork and salmon.

1. Diamond caviar

– quality and most expensive grade of Beluga caviar. Caviar is more valuable than older fish. The delicacy has a delicate and exquisite taste. Packaging worthy of the content is a Bank of 24-carat gold. Enjoy the world’s most expensive dish in a London restaurant “Caviar House &Prunier”. The cost of ALMAS caviar is almost 50 thousand dollars per kilogram.

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