Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world
Many heard of such spices as saffron, but few know that this is the most expensive spice in the world. Collect it from the stigmata of Crocus flowers purple or…

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Cold and hot snacks for the New year
  Advertising 1. Dissolve gelatin in the cool water. Take a fillet of smoked trout, cut into pieces, combine with lemon juice and 60 ml of cream. In a blender…

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The most expensive dishes

How much is the world’s most expensive sandwich? Is there caviar sold more black, and for how much you can sell a tea bag? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this material.

Let’s start with drinks. Tea connoisseurs will likely be interested to know that the most expensive tea in the world, called da Hong PAO means “Big red robe”, is made from the leaves of all the six tea bushes growing in the vicinity of the monastery of Fenghuang, in China. Every year from the bushes that are older than 350 years, going no more than 500 grams of tea. The maximum value of this product reached 685 thousand dollars per kilogram, and in 2005, 20 grams of this tea was sold at a special auction in China for 25 thousand dollars.

The most expensive coffee is produced in Indonesia called “Kopi Luwak”. This variety is unique in that it is made from coffee beans, namerevalsya in the stomach of a small animal, called in Indonesian “Luwak”. Pounds of coffee, held a special preview of “handling” costs from 300 to 400 dollars, which is much “cheaper” the expensive tea in the world.

The cost of the most expensive tea bag, created to mark the 75th anniversary of the company’s “PG” and is decorated with 280 diamonds, is neither more nor less than 7,5 thousand pounds sterling. In fairness it should be noted that the proceeds from its sale were used to build a children’s hospital in Manchester English.

The most expensive caviar in the world is not black as it seems rare and not grey. More of these varieties is estimated Beluga caviar-albino, rarely falling outside of Iran. The cost of gold can of caviar, made, incidentally, of pure gold, is about 2 thousand dollars.

Record price for sandwiches belongs to work of culinary art, also known as von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich (platinum club sandwich von Essen). Fans of the most expensive sandwiches in the world offered in the network of hotels “von Essen”, you will have to pay for the sandwich 100 pounds (almost 200 dollars). For this money you can enjoy a sandwich, consisting of Iberian ham, Bresse fowl, white truffles, quail eggs and other ingredients.

The most expensive grade of meat in the world is a special marble beef produced from special breed cows, Wagyu in Japan, near the city of Kobe. Animals of this breed for centuries not only fed the choicest foods, but drink beer and even rubbed (!) sake. Today Wagyu cows bred in Australia, where farmers instead of beer and sake began to give cows red wine, but beef prices not declined and still continues to be in the range of 1000 dollars per kilogram.

The cost of serving the most expensive salad in the world is 635 pounds per serving. In the composition of the salad “Florette Sea&Earth” includes 50 grams of Beluga caviar, lobster, karnolsky crab, lobster, paretsky salad with olive oil, grated truffles, red pepper, potatoes and asparagus. The dish is decorated with gold foil.

The most delicious national dishes
The most delicious dishes of national Russian regions Every people of our multinational country has its own cuisine and their own ideas about what should be correct and healthy food.…

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Exotic dish of Cambodia
Exotic dish of Cambodia The term "exotic dish" every single person understands in their own way, based on my travel experience and views on the surroundings. However, no doubt that…