The most expensive foods in the world
How much money you are willing to spend on tasty lunch or dinner? For exclusive delicacy some people spend tens of thousands of dollars. Let's find out what rich people…

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Salad from sea Kale Korean
  There are plenty of recipes of various salads from sea Kale, which got fairly wide distribution due to its unique vitamin set. Salads from sea cabbage can be served…

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The most expensive dishes in the world


Are you willing to pay for the pizza 10 thousand, and for the meat pie – $ 12? As lunch oligarchs, and what are their eating habits? Introducing all readers and “Think like a copywriter” a selection of the most expensive meals of the world, the composition and the ingredients of which are admirable, and the prices are shocking. Want to learn how to eat the most rich people of the world and adopt one of the recipes? Then this selection is especially for you!

Where it is possible to try . USA, new York, “Norma’s.”

At first glance, what could be special about the omelet? But, the chef of new York restaurant “Norma’s” don’t think so! His omelet for$ 1000, in addition to the classic eggs, includes: chives, cream, lobster meat and about 300 grams of caviar sevrjugoj. According to the administration of the restaurant the price stated on the menu, not much surpasses the cost of meals. By and large, an omelet “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata” is designed to impress visitors, so the menu also offers a budget option,$ 100, so to speak, just for food. However, in this omelette, the number of eggs is reduced several times.

Where it is possible to try . USA, Las Vegas, “Fleur”

All physicians in the world in one voice say that the Burger is a harmful meal, frequent eating of which leads to deterioration of human health. But all these warnings did not affect the decrease in the number of fans of this “meat” on the contrary, they are willing to pay for it 5000$. Try the “FleurBurger” in Las Vegas, where you will carefully prepare chef Hubert Keller. Lush and crunchy, the bun is made from the best wheat varieties. For the filling use only minced Kobe beef, goose liver (foie Gras) and truffle sauce. The portions are served with a Chateau Petrus 1955 crop year special and a glass of Ichendorf Brunello that after dinner, the visitor can take with them together with the certificate of quality. And the most pleasant moment: a companion of the client who ordered the portion of the “FleurBurger” receive a free Burger, though ordinary.

Forget about meat pie who loved baking your grandmother, in the UK you will be offered something new and insanely expensive. To make a cake beef “Wagyu”, which comes from Japan and Australia. Meat pie, before cooking, marinate in wine harvest 1982 “Chateau Mouton Rothschild”. In addition to meat, stuffing added matsutake mushrooms and truffles. Given the high price for a dish in the restaurant it is sold by quarters, worth £ 2,000 each.


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world
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