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Kosher meat

Kosher meat

I warn you that my recipe absolutely no claim to authenticity! Just meat tzimmes I associate with sincere kindness old women of Odessa, which gave me and many others this wonderful dish in Odessa, not in the most fun period of my life.

The clinic Filatova, 2004, winter, soul stops waiting for 40 minutes my son in the operating room, he was doing cornea transplant. and I stand at the door and trembling aspen leaf. Fits very old woman, beckons to me and says: “Come daughter, I’m making meat kosher!” I think, “God, what a tsimmes?!” But, for some reason, go for it.

In the house of Babylon — Russians, Libyans, Ukrainians, Jews, and Orthodox priest. And the old aunt Dvoira made the meat kosher. Its aroma is not just drowns out the sickening smell of the hospital, and hovers over him, not mixing, flying into each nostril of this tortured pain and expectation Department. Gradually the scent attracts people and strike up a conversation. Many find out what is kosher and what it eats. One misguided lady asked this in the language of what is called namensliste this dish.

Aunt Dvoira was angry and said to the sea side by side live more than 100 nationalities and no one considers himself a minority. All languages, spoken aunt Dvoira, in Odessa mixed up. And nothing. Everybody understand perfectly. Anyway, all in Odessa know what meat tzimmes. But the last phrase just dumped me on the spot. And, despite the terrible condition, laugh. The venerable Jew said, “If You will give me pennies, I understand You perfectly, even if you, lady, look to me in Hindi, but if you ask for pennies ago, I can’t hear you, even if You will contact me in Russian or Ukrainian!” The thunder of laughter, collapsed on a tiny room. The lady was fading, and then relaxed and joined the General laughter.

Then aunt Dvoira were treated to all timecom meat according to the recipe, which I carefully copied, but realized only a few years.

Recipe aunt Dvoyra from Odessa: meat tzimmes.

Carrots 1 kg Meat 1 kg

Prunes 100 g dried Apricots 100 grams

Dates 100 grams Flour 70 grams

Sugar to taste Salt to taste

Ginger Onions 1 head

Goose or chicken fat

Carrots peel, cut into slices or cubes, RUB with flour, fry lightly in a small amount of goose or chicken fat, add carrots prunes pitted, dried apricots, dates pitted, can I get some raisins. Seasoning of kosher salt and sugar. Add to this mix a little water and simmer until almost cooked.

In casserole, melt the goose or chicken fat, saute the onion cut into rings, add the meat ( lamb, veal) cut into small pieces. Lightly saute everything together.

Now “collect” meat tzimmes: cauldron of meat stacked on top of carrot-fruit mixture, adding more salt and sugar if necessary, and grated ginger. The sweet taste should be sufficiently expressed, or else it’s not kosher. Simmer under the lid until tender meat.

Meat tzimmes aunt Dvoyra is a dish that combined a bunch of strangers who need that support and participation. Eat, soperezhivat, make friends and be always healthy!


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