Easy and quick recipe
  Once I got into an awkward situation. The husband invited guests and forgot to tell me about it... Guests at the door, and you're on a diet... What to…

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Popular and not popular dishes in the world
The most popular and the most popular dishes in the world Food is different: delicious and tasty, beautifully decorated and ugly, fresh and stale. The most popular dish worldwide is…

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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world

Many heard of such spices as saffron, but few know that this is the most expensive spice in the world. Collect it from the stigmata of Crocus flowers purple or seed.

To get 1 kilo of saffron, you need to collect 170 000 colors. Impressive, isn’t it?

The cost of this miracle spice is on average 3,000 U.S. dollars per kilogram. The price ranges from 1000 to 6000 dollars, depending on the location of collection and the quality.

For cooking, including desserts, saffron takes very little, just a pinch. An excess can ruin a dish with their bitterness. This spice is an excellent antidepressant, but in small quantities. Only a few grams of saffron can take a person’s life. Pregnant women and its use is strictly prohibited.

So be careful with the use of this expensive spice.

Recommended: How to choose a quality cognac

The ability to choose alcohol – it’s not only an opportunity to show off in front of colleagues, guests or business partners. A poor quality beverage simply threaten health of the person who has taken it. One of the most popular spirits around the world, including the us – brandy. By what criteria should choose to enjoy this noble drink with friends?

Quality first

It is very important to know the location where can I buy. Warranty can only be obtained in specialty stores or departments. It was here that the probability of forgery is the lowest. It is necessary to pay attention to brand it is best to buy drinks that are on everyone’s lips. As for the price, the cognac can not cost less than 8 dollars per half-liter bottle, even better to stay at 15 dollars, this is considered the optimal ratio of price and quality. The price, of course, should vary depending on the shutter speed.

Presentable appearance

You need to carefully inspect the bottle, which must be brandy and to fit the chosen brand. It should not be any scratches, damage on cover, smudges of glue. The tax stamp must be affixed on the label. The cap must be securely fixed. When it is snug not tight enough, it can be concluded that the tube was twisted in a controlled environment.

Please note the bouquet

Cognac color is rich, but transparent. No impurities, turbidity or sediment in it should not be. If you turn the bottle, at the bottom should be a drop, which will drop after a few seconds. After recuperen bottle, you can pour a bit of drink in a special Cup and let it stand for a few minutes. Then inhaling the aroma. The aroma has notes of kerosene or solvent? The product is of poor quality. Unwanted as the smell of vanilla.

Trust, but verify!

If the quality of the beverage when buying a doubt, you need to ask the seller certification documents. In the case where it is difficult, no question about buying simply cannot be, the goods are most likely counterfeit.