The ranking of the most expensive delicacies of the world
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The most disgusting food in the world


1. snake blood and bile

in Central Jakarta, people cut off a snake head, blood dripping into a glass container, there is bile

all this shaken – and drink (the cure for many diseases)

2. balut (duck embryo)

in my opinion, (thank God, I don’t know the taste) is the most vile – and yet people eat it. and in Cambodia, told me on the discovery channel, this sell at every step – as Shawarma

duck egg, which is already almost fully developed embryo, boiled like an ordinary egg

the dish is a real delicacy in the Philippine Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam. it is believed that balut is rich in proteins and healthy, so its no problem to buy from street vendors

after you choose your favorite egg, the dealer will get it from the basket, pass the salt and vinegar-onion sauce. you take the hot egg, make a small hole through which you can drink the “broth” before you break the entire shell. it tastes like a simple egg

3. the larvae of bees

they are eaten in China and Japan

cooked in soy sauce and sugar

now it is a popular dish for the opening of festivals, holidays

in Cambodia specifically grown in the ground, then to roast and eat

taste like crispy chewing gum, and someone said crabs

5. monkey brains

in some parts of China they are eaten raw

so it’s not only disgusting, but also dangerous – one can be infected with spongiform encephalopathy and other brain diseases

wild rats in North Korea popular in the villages: except for the rats the poor have nothing to eat

they say, tastes like chicken

7. the fungus is a parasite

this fungus begins to grow inside the larvae of the insect when it enters the body of the caterpillar, he kills her and modificirovat body

eaten by the parasite of the caterpillars body dark brown or black, covered with fungus, appear out of the ground in spring or early summer

this fungus is used in Chinese and Tibetan medicine as an aphrodisiac, but it also can cook soup

8. bird nests

their nests, the Swifts that nest in caves, on the slopes of the cliffs, creating a kind of mass, which they spit out on the air this mass hardens

such nests are considered a delicacy in China. this is one of the most expensive products

most often the nests are served in the soup. but the skillful cook can make of them and sweetness. in the liquid solid nest becomes gelatinous structure. Europeans who have tried the bird’s nest, say they smelled a little bit moldy, but the consistency was more like snot

9. bull phalluses

bullish phallus, usually steamed or deep-fried, but fans can eat it raw

to taste, they say, is reminiscent of overcooked squid

10. Kopi Luwak (coffee beans that along with feces out of the digestive tract civet (South Asian mammal about the size of a cat)

these animals choose only the best and ripest beans. and people collect the partially digested beans from the excrement and prepare for sale

this is probably the most expensive coffee in the world – 120 – $ 600 for almost 500 grams. this coffee is often sold in Japan and the USA

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