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What to cook from meat residues?
What to cook from meat residues? Ideas Thrifty Housewives Often in the fridge, you can observe the following picture: the remains of various meat dishes after a fun filled holiday…

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Cold and hot snacks for the New year
  Advertising 1. Dissolve gelatin in the cool water. Take a fillet of smoked trout, cut into pieces, combine with lemon juice and 60 ml of cream. In a blender…

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Top 5 yummy salads with avocado

Top 5 yummy salads with avocado

Avocado is delicate, soft and refined berry pear shaped. Popular worldwide fetus, has a delicate nutty flavor and is rich in vitamins E , A and D . They can decorate any dish, but it is best to use in seafood salads, fruit and vegetables.

Avocado salad – a perfect evening meal. After preparing this salad, you can achieve double effect. First, regular consumption of this fruit improves not only health, but appearance. Secondly, avocados enhances male potency. Options of salads with avocado. I WANT to prepare offers five of the most delicious of them.

Salad with avocado and tuna

Avocado – 1 PC.

Fresh corn – 1 Bank

Tuna in oil canned – Bank 1


Herbs for decoration

Preparation: peel the avocado, to get the stone and chop into small cubes. Use a fork to mash the tuna. Add corn and season with mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well. Salad put in a salad bowl and garnish with greens.

Frozen corn – 250 g

Olives (seedless) – 75 g

Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC.

Onion – 1 PC.

Two cloves of garlic

Olive oil – 2-3 tbsp

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Kosher meat

Kosher meat

I warn you that my recipe absolutely no claim to authenticity! Just meat tzimmes I associate with sincere kindness old women of Odessa, which gave me and many others this wonderful dish in Odessa, not in the most fun period of my life.

The clinic Filatova, 2004, winter, soul stops waiting for 40 minutes my son in the operating room, he was doing cornea transplant. and I stand at the door and trembling aspen leaf. Fits very old woman, beckons to me and says: “Come daughter, I’m making meat kosher!” I think, “God, what a tsimmes?!” But, for some reason, go for it.

In the house of Babylon — Russians, Libyans, Ukrainians, Jews, and Orthodox priest. And the old aunt Dvoira made the meat kosher. Its aroma is not just drowns out the sickening smell of the hospital, and hovers over him, not mixing, flying into each nostril of this tortured pain and expectation Department. Gradually the scent attracts people and strike up a conversation. Many find out what is kosher and what it eats. One misguided lady asked this in the language of what is called namensliste this dish.

Aunt Dvoira was angry and said to the sea side by side live more than 100 nationalities and no one considers himself a minority. All languages, spoken aunt Dvoira, in Odessa mixed up. And nothing. Everybody understand perfectly. Anyway, Continue reading

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world

Many heard of such spices as saffron, but few know that this is the most expensive spice in the world. Collect it from the stigmata of Crocus flowers purple or seed.

To get 1 kilo of saffron, you need to collect 170 000 colors. Impressive, isn’t it?

The cost of this miracle spice is on average 3,000 U.S. dollars per kilogram. The price ranges from 1000 to 6000 dollars, depending on the location of collection and the quality.

For cooking, including desserts, saffron takes very little, just a pinch. An excess can ruin a dish with their bitterness. This spice is an excellent antidepressant, but in small quantities. Only a few grams of saffron can take a person’s life. Pregnant women and its use is strictly prohibited.

So be careful with the use of this expensive spice.

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The ability to choose alcohol – it’s not only an opportunity to show off in front of colleagues, guests or business partners. A poor quality beverage simply threaten health of the person who has taken it. One of the most popular spirits around the world, including the us – brandy. By what criteria should choose to enjoy this noble drink with friends?

Quality first

It is very important to know the location Continue reading

The most disgusting food in the world


1. snake blood and bile

in Central Jakarta, people cut off a snake head, blood dripping into a glass container, there is bile

all this shaken – and drink (the cure for many diseases)

2. balut (duck embryo)

in my opinion, (thank God, I don’t know the taste) is the most vile – and yet people eat it. and in Cambodia, told me on the discovery channel, this sell at every step – as Shawarma

duck egg, which is already almost fully developed embryo, boiled like an ordinary egg

the dish is a real delicacy in the Philippine Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam. it is believed that balut is rich in proteins and healthy, so its no problem to buy from street vendors

after you choose your favorite egg, the dealer will get it from the basket, pass the salt and vinegar-onion sauce. you take the hot egg, make a small hole through which you can drink the “broth” before you break the entire shell. it tastes like a simple egg

3. the larvae of bees

they are eaten in China and Japan

cooked in soy sauce and sugar

now it is a popular dish for the opening of festivals, Continue reading



Pasta with minced meat and mushrooms

The zucchini in the oven, stuffed

Meat by-tradesmen in the oven in foil

Chops in the oven chicken — 4 recipe

Meatballs and gravy in the oven

The fat in onion skins and in foil — 2 recipes

Delicious patties of ground beef

Rice with braised veal heart

Homemade dumplings (minced chicken, the batter on the soda)

Simple recipes: meat dishes — recipes with step by step

It is unlikely there will be a lot of people who do not consume meat and products made from it. It’s vegetarian, Yes people with health problems. And it is historically justified, because our ancient ancestors ate what kind of food — that’s right, meat! Scored mammoth and all kodam it ate. Well, maybe some weed then eat steel. And really, you need the meat and the younger the body, and people in heavy labour employed. It is hard to imagine a porter, where grass feeding is possible without the piece of meat he is that will not.

In the post, for example, meat, and fish often don’t eat meals, but this time the believers replace their different useful additives designed temporary not meat consumption and replace the body to replenish proteins, fats and other unwanted ingredients. The rest of the meat dishes are the most revered in the world, second only fish Continue reading

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