Quick appetizer of pita bread to beer
Christmas is a magic holiday, the first in the New year. So, we need to make every effort to make it beautiful and memorable, including delicious dishes. And since the…

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The most unusual fish dishes of the world
Fish is a staple food in countries that are landlocked. And though in the world you cannot find such place where not eating fish, sea countries with a rich culinary…

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The most expensive food in the world


Everyone has their own preferences and habits — someone who likes to travel, someone collects art, and someone is willing to pay a tidy sum for the opportunity to pamper your taste buds. So, let’s see how many are willing to pay for gourmets unusual culinary delights. Especially for you top of the most expensive products in the world.

Matsutake mushrooms grow only in a few Asian countries. Their number is decreasing day by day because of the insects. To cultivate these fungi are not managed, so there is a possibility that soon they’ll be gone from the face of the Earth. This affects their price – 1000 dollars for 500 grams.

Bagels – delicious and pretty inexpensive rolls. But on a bagel  cheap as you can get. Its price is “only” $ 1000. As he smeared cream cheese, flavoured with white truffles, Zlatolist and jam from the berries Goji. Good option for Breakfast, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that white truffles occupy second place in the list of the most expensive in the world of commodities in terms of price/weight.

The picture shows the premium Frittata or as it is called “Frittata in a million.” Million of course it is not worth it. Per serving you will have to pay only a thousand dollars. To prepare this dish using lobster, egg and caviar sevruga. Continue reading

Exotic dish of Cambodia

Exotic dish of Cambodia

The term “exotic dish” every single person understands in their own way, based on my travel experience and views on the surroundings. However, no doubt that the national dish is usually a unique dish of any country. It should be noted that in Asia in each state of such dishes, usually several. In Cambodia, eating fried spiders.

Despite its exotic name. “fried spider”, the history of this delicacy is not very fun to eat spiders, local residents have begun not from good life, and from hunger. During the reign of the Khmer Rouge, when Cambodia’s population mercilessly exterminated papatowai, people left their homes and hid in the jungle. Ate all that was around and what you could catch. So in the course were wasps, water beetles, grasshoppers and various insects, including their larvae. Not to notice the spider tarantula was just unreal: it’s pretty impressive, about a palm of an adult. In Cambodian the name “a-ping”.

Try the tarantula, both in the cities and in the villages of Cambodia. without excluding the capital. The most famous place is the tiny town of Skuon that in 60 kilometres southwest of Phnom Penh. There is not just you can taste the crispy tarantula, in this village almost every resident lives in that catches and sells these fried monsters. The spider is quite inexpensive Continue reading

Salad with rice

Salad with rice

Usually a salad with rice is always cooked just 2-3 extra ingredients, salt to taste and mayonnaise. You can prepare simple salads almost every day. But there are salads with rice multicomponent, layered, prepared most of the feast. Choose on this page the best recipes tagged salad with rice.

Salad with rice: recommend 9 recipes

Salad with mango and smoked chicken

1 mango fruit (or 150-200 grams of canned);

1 Cup cooked rice;

1 fresh sour-sweet Apple;

1/3 Cup of canned corn;

250 g smoked chicken;

1 fresh tomato;

a half of a lemon;

mayonnaise for refueling;

parsley for decoration.

Salad with salted salmon and rice

250 g salted salmon;

100 g rice;

1 fresh cucumber;

100 g of hard cheese;

2 eggs;

herbs, salt, pepper to taste;

dressing – mayonnaise.

Salad with crab sticks and pineapple

200 gr. canned pineapple;

200 gr. crab sticks;

100 gr. hard cheese;

1 onion;

50 gr. rice;

dressing – mayonnaise;

salt to taste.

Tales of the Neptune salad with shrimp

squid (cleaned carcass);

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The cuisines of the world
The cuisines of the world: Top countries with the most delicious cuisine We bring you the top 5 most popular countries with the most delicious gourmet dishes. The author considers…

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Quick salads
Quick salads There are situations when you need to cook something quickly and easily. It is in such situations and need a quick salad. Any owner enter into a panic…